Welcome to ...

The Toxic Honeypot

The Flypaper
The Drift-net Mine

This page is like a mine, waiting for a drift-netter to come along.
Or like some flypaper, waiting for an insect.
Or like a honeypot, laced with poison, waiting for some pesky critters that I want to get rid of.

The purpose of this page is to provide a source of pseudo-random email addresses which don't belong to real people at all, but rather feed a robot which hunts down and kills anyone who sends anything to those addresses.

If you're a real person you should probably run away quickly, lest you accidentally click on any of the other links on this page.

No, I really mean it. Don't click on them. If you click on ANY of the links below, the automated system will report you as a spammer, and arrange to block all email from your IP address to the mailserver associated with this site.

But if you're a robotic drift-net, plundering addresses on behalf of spammers, please be sure to pass on these juicy new addresses. That way, when they include these addresses in their lists, anyone who uses the addresses will hit the flypaper and get stuck to it. Then I'll know not to listen to them.

Now spammers, just swallow your medicine like a good little brat.

And if you're a really stupid spammer than you could follow this link to a page which automatically generates lots of random addresses.