God Given?

Many people forget that our "rights" are not some intrinsic god-given thing that we are entitled to "because we are human"; they are constructs arranged between members of a society so that they can -- on average -- live happier lives.

So, now we must ask, what benefit accrues to the rest of society in the granting of software patents?

I posit that the answer is none -- that the deal is completely one-sided and rotten to the core.

New inventions in software, far from being rare and precious things that need the encouragement of exclusive use, are in fact a very every-day thing; a software author who doesn't "invent" a "new" way of doing something every day is a poor software author indeed.

This isn't to say that some inventions aren't far more significant than others, but that's because they they solve common problems, and so will have many people searching for them

And when they're found, they will seem obvious to most of the people who find them, so they won't even consider getting a patent on them. But if somebody else does get a patent, they could be blocked from using their own invention unless they can come up with the proof (and money to litigate) to overturn the patent.

This is unfair, and goes against natural justice; software patents should be expressly prohibitted as an amendment to the act governing the issuance of patents. Please consider approaching your government to make this happen.