Martin and Raewyn's wedding

Afternoon Tea after Ceremony

Afternoon Tea after Ceremony v2

Afternoon tea table of food

Back of Raewyns dress

Backs of Raewyn and bridesmaids at table opening presents

Bestmans speech

Blurred photo Martin Raewyn closeup

Bridesmaid threequarters front on


Close Up Martin and Raewyn

Close up side angle of cake

Closeup Bridesmaid2 and Martin

Closeup Bridesmaid2 and Martin v2

Closeup Martin talking to guests

Closeup Raewyn talking to guests

Closeup of Wedding Certificate

Closeup of cale front on

Closeup of flowers

Closeup of flowers on central table

Cutting the cake

Desert table and Bethlis present bowl

Desert table opposite end

Gathered around the presents

I wonder what this is


Ivor at bookcase in Friends house

Martin Raewyn and Cake

Martin and Bernard (his brother)

Martin and Bernard (his brother) v2

Martin surounded by guests

Martin watching bridesmaid cut cake

Master of ceremonies

Opening presents

Outside of Friends house

R and M cushion by cake


Raewyn and bridesmaid after ceremony

Raewyn and guests

Raewyn checking flowers on bridal table

Raewyn hugging someone not Martin

Raewyn on her knees with a present

Raewyn talking to guests after ceremony

Side profile Raewyn flowers foreground

Speech to Martins parents

Speech to embarrass Martin

blurred close up of bridal table

entry of Martin and Raewyn to reception

reception guests

reception guests and buffet table

reception guests and drinks table

threequarter profile of Martin